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The World needs allitle bit of everything

Edwin Gil is an avid social activist and uses his art to bridge cultures and diverse groups living in the U.S. He has overcome numerous obstacles to become one of America’s premier Latino Artists. In his Faces of Diversity Project, Edwin shares his story of triumph and how it helped shape his idea of social awareness through art:

“Life is a palette of color with bright tones as well as gray tones that together conform to make the pure harmonious master work that reflects our life. Like these different shades, my life has been marked by innumerable events that have brought changes that have fed my artistic spirit and allowed me to grow as an individual. This explosion of color has inspired my new series entitled “The World Needs a Little Bit of Everything.” This series will open in Spring 2016 and I plan to exhibit it in numerous cities throughout the United States.

Recently I finished Face #20 of the 111 faces that will compose Faces of Diversity which is a social art project that seeks to break stereotypes through art. Creating each one of these projects is always a new magical experience that allows me to tell my story to the participants and subsequently to collect thumb prints on recycled glass to use in the completion of the 8’ by 8’ portrait of the face that has been chosen to highlight by the institution or organization. Face #20 of Faces for Diversity was Dan Ramírez, a Colombian known in Charlotte for his work in politics. The portrait was commissioned by the Levine Museum of the New South as part of the Nuevolution exhibit that tells the story of Latinos in the southern United States. This spectacular project will be in the exhibition at the museum until the end of 2015 and then it will travel for five years to other cities in the US South.

During the month of November, I will travel to Texas to complete Faces of Diversity #21 in the La Marque School District.” – Edwin Gil.

(For more information about Faces of Diversity, which is now listed in the ASC directory of projects, please email or visit www.edwingil.comFaces of Diversity

New Projects


Edwin Gil, internationally known for his excellent social prpojects that have united people around the world through his three flags created with hand prints from participants, announces the launch of a fourth flag, the Flag of Peace. This project intends to highlight the meaning of the word Peace.

The participants (Statesville High School) will write their interpretation of the word peace and then will leave their hand print on the flag. These prints will help create the flag of the Unites States.

The Flag of Peace is a project that is part of the proposal of Jennifer McLain, a student who for more than three years has directed Summit, an antibullying program that hopes to increase understanding and respect among students in the Iredell/Statesville school systems.

more info:Iredell Statesville Schools

Art and Yoga:

As a complement to his art, Gil has intensified his yoga practice by doing a challenge of 365 days of yoga in a year. He practices daily, some times taking as many as 6 yoga classes in a day.

Edwin Gil finished his 200 RYT training with Grace Morales on September 2015. He intends to complement his knowledge of art and color with the practice of vinyasa which he considers to be a perfect combination of Art and yoga.

Yoga and art work well together because they help strengthen the individual by helping them focus on areas that are specific to them.

Yoga asana or sequences are practiced, engaging areas of the body that open and strengthen the intended focus and bring flexibility to areas that are tight or stiff. A brief meditation may follow these sequences in order to tap into inner resources such as the chakras which are energetic points in our body and are related to colors that are used in personal expression. The process of creating art gives expression to the wisdom of the intuitive self achieved from yoga and the self awareness that comes from it and associated meditation.

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