Renowned Artist and Social Activist Edwin Gil to Kickoff New Exhibition to Celebrate Charlotte’s Diversity |
For orders please contact Edwin Gil at 704-968-8690 or send an e-mail to edwin

Renowned Artist and Social Activist Edwin Gil to Kickoff New Exhibition to Celebrate Charlotte’s Diversity


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Contact: Edwin Gil at 704.868.8690

Renowned Artist and Social Activist Edwin Gil to Kickoff New Exhibition to Celebrate Charlotte’s

Charlotte, NC (October 28, 2016) – One of America’s premier Latino artists, Edwin Gil, announces his newest
project to promote tolerance and acceptance of diversity within the Charlotte community – Diversiview.
“I was tired of the normal art exhibitions where people placed a greater focus on wealth and social standing. To
me, art is more than that; Art is a bridge between cultures that brings communities together,” stated Gil. “One of
the main problems in this world is a lack of tolerance. As humans, I feel we need to understand the issues that
surround diversity”.

Once a month, Diversiview will come to Charlotte and bring community members together for an enlightening
conversation on diversity. Unlike any other art exhibition to find its way to Charlotte area, Diversiview will provide
attendees with the opportunity to gain further understanding into the diverse community of the Queen City while
admiring the creations of an internationally recognized and award-winning artist. Each month Gil’s exhibit will
place the spotlight on one Charlotte area resident who will share their personal insight on diversity.

From interviews with each spotlight resident, Gil will create 11 works of art that will be available for purchase at
each exhibit. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds will go to a charity chosen by the spotlight resident. In addition,
for every 100 pieces of art sold, Gil will donate a Face of Diversity to an organization or school selected by
community volunteers (follow the link to learn more about Gil’s Faces of Diversity project).

Diversiview will make its debut on Thursday, November 3rd at 5:30 P.M. at The Ballroom at Quail Hollow on 8514
Park Road and will be free of charge to the public. For the month of November, Gil will showcase his artwork
inspired from an interview with professional ballroom dancer Kristie Monique Simmonds.

To bring Gil’s series of artwork into the community environment, future exhibit locations will reflect the distinct
spaces that make up the Charlotte region.
For more information, contact Edwin Gil at 704-868-8690 or

About Edwin Gil

Edwin Gil is an avid social activist and uses his art to bridge cultures and diverse groups living in the U.S. A Colombian
native, Edwin Gil is an award-winning contemporary conceptual artist best known for his vibrant colors and proprietary
paint technique used to achieve depth and movement in his works. Gil combines his studies in Psychology with his
knowledge gained by working with great Colombian artistic masters to find meaning in the ordinary. In doing so, he has
gained international recognition and received several awards like the Premio Nueva Generacion and the Premio Huella
Colombiana en el Exterior. In addition, Gil was named Latino of the Year by Agencia EFE joining a select group of
individuals that include Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Journalist Jorge Ramos.