The Beauty of the Imperfection |
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The Beauty of the Imperfection

These last few days I’ve been researching, thinking, reading and feeling what life is about, as well as feeding my hunger for art and painting, and I have come to the following conclusion: The beauty of the perfection is in the imperfection. For the differences in all of our lives that teaches us that there are many ways to love, feel and live. Life is like a pallet of colors ready to begin a masterpiece and we are the artists who paint this life. Like art, life has its spots that appear imperfect, but this is where the beauty lies.

I invite you to discover the beauty of the imperfection in my new series that bears the same name: The Beauty of the Imperfection. In doing so, perhaps we will all become a bit more tolerant of our differences and listen to what life is telling us – reflect and live each moment to the fullest.


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The Beauty of the Imperfection