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New Horizons

New Horizons Inspired by the Rorschach
Test by Edwin Gil.

New Horizons is a phrase I’ve used many times since my arrival to Charlotte, NC in 2000.

Human beings are constantly looking for new horizons or new opportunities be they professional, social, emotional or family based.

Humans have a desire to “feed” on hope and as such, a new horizon often provides hope for a new future, another chance or a change of life.

Life is different for each of us. Not that one life is better than another, but merely different. A few days ago, I spoke with my good friend Ana Lucia Divins about her uncle who recently passed away. Before she left to join her family in Colombia, South America – where her uncle lived – I told her that her uncle had graduated. I explained to her that for me, life is like going to school as we learn different lessons every day. Sometimes lessons are learned quickly and sometimes we
fight what life is trying to teach us until we pass through many experiences to help us grow personally or professionally. Those of us lucky to learn these lessons and move on to the next stage reach old age and finally “graduate” by dying. This is the cycle of life.


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New Horizons
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