FACES OF DIVERSITY AT QUAIL HOLLOW MIDDLE SCHOOL Save the date May 22, 2015 for the unveiling of the face of diversity | EdwinGil.com
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FACES OF DIVERSITY AT QUAIL HOLLOW MIDDLE SCHOOL Save the date May 22, 2015 for the unveiling of the face of diversity


May 10, 2015 
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FACES OF DIVERSITY AT QUAIL HOLLOW MIDDLE SCHOOL Save the date May 22, 2015 for the unveiling of the face of diversity 

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – (MAY 10, 2015) – Faces of Diversity, an international art enterprise that breaks down stereotypes using art, today announced that, A’Raya Green was selected as Quail Hollow Middle School’s “Face of Diversity”.

Artist Edwin Gil launched an anti-bullying initiative with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools’ (CMS) Character Development Department called Faces of Diversity. 

A’Raya Green was selected as Quail Hollow Middle Schools “Face of Diversity” due to her strength and perseverance as a Yogarteen. Without even knowing her, she has touched so many of us, with her wise words, courage to try new things, and positive outlook through her journey on the mat. She entered Yogarteens without knowing a single person, not even knowing yoga. Every session she showed up with a big smile, and stayed until the end. Sometimes you would look over at her and she would be laughing and smiling as she attempted a pose. Sometimes she would shake her head and say, “Ms. Cash, you are crazy, not today.” She never got frustrated with herself. She knew when she needed to back off and when she needed to push herself. She created her own goal from Yogarteens. “My Yogarteen goal is to persevere, because lately I have been giving up on myself. Yogarteens teaches me how to not give up.” She learned this by rolling out her mat each day, on her own, in her home. She had a goal of achieving a pose. I remember that day when she got it and recorded it. I will always remember that day. It wasn’t about the pose; it was about the process of not giving up. A pose she thought was impossible to achieve, she achieved.  Statement about A’Raya Green from Kelsey Cash, Founder of Yogarteens, & art teacher at Quail Hollow Middle School.

Her character wasn’t just shown in yoga but outside of the mat as well. Teachers and peers saw this in her. “A’Raya began her 6th grade journey as a quiet, some would say, shy young lady who did not seem very confident within herself. However, over the course of the year, A’Raya blossomed in to a strong, independent young lady who believed in herself and encouraged others to do their best at all times. Due to her hard work and determination she was the student in my class who had the most growth on her End-of-Grade score as well as her overall class grade.” Mrs. LaSanta from Quail Hollow Middle School stated about the selection of A’Raya Green for “Faces of Diversity.”

As part of CMS’ Making It Better initiative, Faces of Diversity encourages dialogue and sensitivity among students, staff, and the community through art. It is an opportunity to reaffirm a sense of unity among schools and communities.

For information on how to support this project contact Kelsey Cash at kelsey@yogarteens.org

Artist Edwin Gil will collect more than 1,000 student thumbprints to create the Faces of Diversity and have it ready for the unveiling on May 22, 2015. 

For more information on Faces of Diversity, visit www.EdwinGil.com/facesofdiversity, find them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/facesofdiversity or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/facesdiversity

About Faces of Diversity: Faces of Diversity helps promote diversity and multicultural awareness through hands on art activities and thoughtful conversation. It reaffirms a sense of unity and connection among diverse groups by demonstrating how our differences should be respected and celebrated. Contemporary, conceptual artist, Edwin Gil, shares his personal story of triumph over tragedy, leads workshops, and creates a large 8’ X 8’ piece of artwork using participant thumbprints. The ‘face of diversity’ is gifted to each participating organization and serves as a reminder that our collective strength comes from our individual talents and unique personalities.


About Yogarteens Inc: Yogarteens, started by a middle school art teacher, Kelsey Cash, is a youth development program that empowers teens in grades 6-12 through the art of yoga. The curriculum is designed to address the issues that teens face in their everyday lives. Each lesson engages students in character building activities to promote positive thinking and enhance teens’ thinking about themselves and their world. Yogarteens encourages teens to embrace their creativity. Each session students explore different ways to express themselves through yoga of course, but also visual art, dance, music, graphic design, photography, and whatever inspires them. At the end of each year, teens from all schools and the community come together to practice and celebrate the year.