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Edwin Gil receives Sara Wolf Lifetime Achievement Award


Edwin Gil was honored with the Sara Wolf Lifetime Achievement Award during the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Con A de Arte on June 13; the award recognizes extraordinary artistic achievements in Charlotte. Con A de Arte is ArtSi’s signature event and lifts up leading Latino/a artists across Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. If you missed the event, you can take a look at Edwin’s acceptance speech in the video provided below via YouTube.


Thank you to Lawrence Cann for giving me the strength to create La Galeria los Huevos.

 To Mae Lin PlummerRick SchillingAlan Ramos and others for bringing together the tango in “Tango Unido.”

To Brenda Giraldo, Luz Marina Giraldo and Guillermo Giraldo for roaming the streets, painting the car and creating the best Latino theater productions in town from Tierra A la Vista, La Travesia de Enrique and more.

To Elio Gonzalez for all his help in the early years and with the productions of the Ballet Las Americas and for his support with 7 Arte and more.

To Lou Gurgitano for believing and supporting this initiative, for roaming the streets and filming and asking alongside Gina Esquivel, “Have you heard about Con A de Arte?” For inspiring us, supporting us and directing us in all the film shorts.

To Catalina Echeverry for all the short films that allowed me to meet many people like Rafael Rodriguez and his family who are today my family and who inspired us to know more about 7 Arte.

To Luis Machicao for showing us the marvelous world of design where today he himself has surpassed the standards of becoming an icon of design and fashion in the Queen City.

To Rafael Prieto for believing, promoting and supporting the 1001 artistic groups in the city and above all for telling the whole community about this story that today we call Con A de Arte.

To Gina Esquivel, for being our Quijote, for supporting us and being beside us for 10 years because with A, we write ART.

To Cafe Java for being one of our sponsors and for opening the doors of the Garden of Roses to the Hispanic Culture.

To Carmen Hilton, Violeta Moser, Olga Parra, LAWA and all the women who believed in and supported this initiative as the Mothers of ART in Charlotte.

To Hilda Gurdian, and La Noticia for not only being sponsors in the early years but also for telling the story of this event for the past 10 years.

To Claudia Griffin for supporting us and helping Hispanic Arts in this city to grow each and every year.

To Irania Paterson for being an inspiration for our community, for not allowing Con A de Arte to disappear after Conchy moved away and above all for being the star in the Charlotte arts scene.

To Franco Londono for being one of the best artists in the city and for creating the hymn for Con A de Arte that narrates the feeling of what being an artist is.

To Juan Miguel Marin, Herman Marin and Catalina Kulzar for their support with Con A de Arte as they used their special talents from the beginning of the project.

To Ana Divins, Heather Pontonio, Banu Valladares, Robert Bush, ASC, NCAS, and Art Si for taking on this initiative since 2009 and for helping to develop Hispanic-Artistico that is today called Art Si. A special thank you goes to ArtSi and its committee who have taken the reigns of this beautiful project and for truly helping our artistic community grow to the rhythm of art!

To and Sara Wolf, my mentor in art in this process called life and who I feel very happy to have known and even more am so happy to be recognized this year in with the award that bears her name as a lifetime achievement recipient. I am so honored to receive this award as a leader in the Charlotte arts community and I stand beside so many others who work daily to make the Hispanic arts scene thrive.

To my partner Brian Cockman for being my inspiration, guide, mentor and support in this difficult but rewarding career called ART and for showing me unconditional love. 
I’m sure I missed someone, so please know that when I say thank you, thank you, thank you to the Charlotte Arts Community it includes those I failed to mention.