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Gil’s “Quilting Differences” Takes Center Stage To Highlight Diversity


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (OCTOBER, 2012) – Contemporary, conceptual artist Edwin Gil was selected to participate with his interactive art exhibition Quilting Differences during the Latin American Festival. The project is made possible thanks to the support of the Arts and Science Council. The Latin American will take place on Sunday, October 14 from noon to 8:00pm Symphony Park at South Park Mall, 4400 Sharon Road, Charlotte, NC 28211 and is open to the public. This interactive project combines technology with art to create a basis for thoughtful discussions among immigrant communities about race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and many other factors that affect participants’ perspectives on the world.

“This project allows people of many different backgrounds and viewpoints to express themselves and show how they can empower those in here at home and abroad through visual arts,” says artist Edwin Gil. “In addition to cultural awareness and unity, Quilting Differences demonstrates how our childhood memories shape how we all view the world around us. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Latin American Festival and look forward to interact with the festival attendees and the Charlotte community.”
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About Edwin Gil: Born December 11, 1971 in Itagui, Colombia, Edwin Gil is a contemporary conceptual artist best known for his vibrant colors and proprietary paint technique used to achieve depth and movement in his works. Gil combines his post-graduate studies in Psychology, as well as knowledge gained by working with great Colombian artistic masters like Hector Favio Castaño and Jorge Botero Lujan, to find meaning in the ordinary. In doing so, he has developed three fundamentals for painting – for fun, for love, for life – that can be seen throughout his work. After moving to the U.S. in 2000 and a short stint in Miami, Gil established himself in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he became the principal focus of Hispanic art.