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About Gil Gallery

When I came to Charlotte 11 years ago, the dream of opening my own gallery was almost impossible and out of my reach. Today after my gallery opening in January 2010, I thank God, my friends and the Charlotte community for believing in me as an artist and as a human being. The opening of Gil Gallery has had a significant impact, not only in my personal life, but most importantly in the lives of many Charlotteans.

The Gallery has opened its doors to many local nonprofit organizations and businesses.

I have donated artwork valued at over $100,000 to support the important work of key local non-profit organizations. Let’s keep supporting the art and let’s keep saving lives through the art, in the same way that art saved my life. I owe special thanks to my ardent supporters: Alvaro and Dona de Molina, Scott and Gail Syfert, Pender and Kathy McElroy, Juan Carlos and Joselyn Londoño, Ed and Ann Ketchie, George and Leeda Currin, Jake Blue, Paul Thompson ( Coffey & Thompson) and many others for believing in me, and for allowing me to continue making this dream a reality.

Gil Gallery is recognize like cultural center for the latino comunity of Charlotte.